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9 Important Facts About Head Lice

Help protect your family by understanding more about the behavior of head lice and the best practices for avoiding them.

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7 Tips for Preventing Head Lice

Lice are very common and can easily spread among young school-age children. Here are some ways families can defend against these nuisance invaders.

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"My granddaughter had recurring head lice for eight weeks. I used multiple products every 10 days as suggested. I went back to the store for another round and this was on the shelf. I was truly amazed – it has been two weeks and no more lice! I will always buy Vamousse if we have a lice problem again."

Nancy R. , Grandmother, Salem, VA

“The Vamousse foam dispensed easily and ensured hair and scalp coverage. As I smoothed the foam into the hair and scalp I could see lice releasing from the hair shafts. After 15 minutes, I collected the lice to look for movement. Only one louse moved, and this louse was motionless within 30 seconds. I thoroughly checked the client for head lice four days after the Vamousse treatment and found she was completely lice-free.”

Anna W. , Ower/Lice Treatment Professional, Asheville Lice Treatment Center, Asheville, NC