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A pesticide-free treatment that kills lice and their eggs with a single treatment.


9 Important Facts About Head Lice

Help protect your family by understanding more about the behavior of head lice and the best practices for avoiding them.

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7 Tips for Preventing Head Lice

Lice are very common and can easily spread among young school-age children. Here are some ways families can defend against these nuisance invaders.

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“The Vamousse foam dispensed easily and ensured hair and scalp coverage. As I smoothed the foam into the hair and scalp I could see lice releasing from the hair shafts. After 15 minutes, I collected the lice to look for movement. Only one louse moved, and this louse was motionless within 30 seconds. I thoroughly checked the client for head lice four days after the Vamousse treatment and found she was completely lice-free.”

Anna W. , Ower/Lice Treatment Professional, Asheville Lice Treatment Center, Asheville, NC

“When I learned my daughter had lice, I searched for non-toxic options. There was much information to wade through including warnings of growing lice resistance to pesticide-based products. We decided on Vamousse treatment. Dead lice and nits fell onto our towel when we used the comb. We followed up with Vamousse shampoo because we were concerned about re-infestation. If we were to become re-infected, I would not consider any treatment other than Vamousse.”

Rose-Marie S. , Mother, Apex, NC