Tips for choosing a lice treatment

Back-to-School brings an increase in head lice cases Traditionally pesticide-based products have been the most common lice treatments available. These products contain the active ingredients Permethrin or Pyrethrum, which are pesticides introduced more than four decades ago as pediculicides –OTC drugs to kill lice. With these products, the formula kills lice but does little to …

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Drug Store News 2017 Lice Report

Consumers on the lookout for effective, easy-to-use solutions at pharmacies The predominant factor impacting sales of the $158.1 million parasite treatment category is super lice. But how do you treat cases of head lice that can’t be eradicated through the use of traditional pediculicides? And more importantly, for parents it’s how do you eliminate that …

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First Time Parent magazine: Keep Super Lice Away! (super lice advice)

The cover of the May 2016 issue of First Time Parent magazine , which features a story on super lice advice.

Super Lice Advice from Entomologist, Jason Schmidt First Time Parent magazine recently interviewed entomologist, Jason Schmidt about a new breed of lice called, “Super Lice.” Would you like to know how you can minimize these critters in your toddler’s hair? Read on for a great question and answer session, and super lice advice. FTP: What …

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