Vamousse Lice Products, Effective & Pesticide-Free Lice Treatment
Vamousse Home Page

Vamousse Home Page

Vamousse offers a full line of products to treat and defend against head lice infestations.

For Treatment

“My child has lice …”

For Defense

“Dear Parent, a case of lice was identified at your school…”

For Treatment

Lice Treatment Mousse

Kill super lice & eggs where they hide with easy to apply foaming mousse.

complete kit  Treat and defend

Clinically proven treatment mousse and daily follow-up shampoo.

For Defense

Lice Defense Daily Shampoo

Kill recently contracted super lice before detection with ongoing use.

Lice Repellent Leave-In Spray

Repel lice from the hair the entire school day.

My child has lice, what do I do?

Head lice – including super lice – can infest anyone’s hair, regardless of gender, nationality, race, or hygiene. Even the cleanest classrooms and tidiest households can be invaded by this common nuisance.

Dear Parent, a case of lice was identified at your child’s school…What can I do?

It takes 4 – 6 weeks for itching from a lice infestation to begin. When your child is at risk, be proactive.

Effective Against Super Lice

Clinically proven to kill super lice AND eggs with 1 treatment.

No Prescription Needed

Available over-the-counter at national retailers and online.


Gentle and effective when used as directed.

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