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Head Lice Enjoy Summer Camp as Much as Kids Do

As you plan to send your kids to summer camp, being prepared for head lice is as important as packing sunblock, goggles and stationery. Vamousse Lice Treatment products can defend against lice before, during and after kids return home from camp.

Across the country, lice, especially “super lice,” which are resistant to traditional treatments, are a growing concern for parents and camp staff, and many camps have started conducting head checks on registration day. Campers with an infestation may be delayed from starting camp while being treated for lice, or possibly sent home.

 “We do head checks when the girls arrive, and we are able to treat lice immediately and prevent lice from spreading,” said Page Lemel, the director of Keystone Camp for Girls in North Carolina. “We are thankful we can treat lice, and do not need to send girls home.”

The good news is there are simple steps parents can take to defend against lice before and after camp.

Conduct a Pre-Camp Head Check.

Here’s how:

  • Part your child’s hair to examine the scalp under a bright light. Watch for movement. Lice will move quickly away from the light.
  • Lice eggs (“nits”) may look like dandruff but cannot be flicked off with a fingernail. Eggs will be attached to the hair shaft within ½” of the scalp.
  • Use a lice comb to work through small sections of hair looking for lice or nits. Pay extra attention to the nape of the neck, behind the ears, under bangs, and the crown of the head. 

Treat Any Infestation. If you find an infestation, get your child camp-ready quickly with a product that allows you to end an infestation in a single treatment rather than needing to reapply seven to 10 days later. Pesticide-free Vamousse Lice Treatment kills both lice and eggs in one 15-minute application – even pesticide-resistant super lice.

Keep Lice from Returning Home from Camp. It typically takes four to six weeks for telltale itching to start with a lice infestation. This means a child returning from camp with lice may not be diagnosed until family and friends have already been exposed. Some strategies for reducing the risk of lice coming home:

·    While kids are away at camp, have them use a daily defense shampoo such as Vamousse Lice Defense, which has been shown in lab studies to kill lice during routine hair washing.

·    Encourage your child to keep belongings separate – especially hair bands and hats. Encourage your child to pull hair into a ponytail or keep hair up when playing to minimize contact.

Keep the Lice Problem in Perspective

Remember that while lice are an annoyance, they do not carry disease or pose serious health risks. In fact, they are as prevalent among children as the common cold. By using Vamousse products and being prepared for lice at summer camp, you can improve the chances that your children will have great camp memories of fun, friends and fireside songs – not an itchy head and an irritating case of lice.

About Vamousse

Vamousse represents a new generation of head lice solutions available over-the-counter. The unique products give parents an accessible, affordable and effective way to tackle super lice to ensure their child is lice and worry free at summer camp. To learn more visit: http://www.vamousselice.com/