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Whitepaper: Effective Pediculosis Management in the Era of Pesticide-Resistant Lice

Up to 12 million children will be infected with head lice this year — and many of their parents will turn to pharmacists like you when purchasing a treatment. Are you prepared to recommend a solution that is safe, quick and effective at getting lice out of hair and families back to their normal routines?…

Treating head lice: NC boarding school chooses Vamousse

Unwelcome visitors The new academic year was well underway at Saint Mary’s School and the campus was bustling with activity. The North Carolina girls’ school is home to more than 270 college-preparatory students, half of whom board there during the school term. The young ladies were reuniting with old friends, setting in to classes and…

Head lice myths and truths

Lice myths are about as common as lice itself. Learn the truth with this easy-to-read and share info graphic, and take control of lice.

Haga que los controles de piojos sean un hábito semanal

Detectar piojos de manera temprana es fundamental para ayudar a detener la propagación de estas plagas que causan picazón. Los brotes de síntomas, como la picazón, pueden tardar de dos a cuatro semanas en aparecer, si esto ocurre. Al hacer que los controles de la presencia de piojos de manera semanal se conviertan en un…

Este año escolar los padres pueden tratar los superpiojos rápidamente sin necesidad de receta

Con Vamousse® Lice Treatment los superpiojos no tienen la más mínima posibilidad Los estudiantes están regresando a las aulas, lo cual significa que todas las familias corren el riesgo de propagación de piojos, y superpiojos, en sus hogares. Vamousse Lice Treatment ha demostrado clínicamente matar piojos y sus huevecillos en un solo tratamiento1, y es…

This school year parents can treat super lice fast without a prescription

Treat super lice fast with Vamousse® Lice Treatment Students are heading back into the classroom, which means every family is at risk for the spread of lice, and super lice, in their homes. Vamousse Lice Treatment is clinically proven to kill lice and their eggs in a single treatment.1 Clinical trial conducted at Lice Source Services, Plantation, FL, Dec….

Make lice checks a weekly habit

Catching head lice early is vital to helping stop the spread of these itchy pests. It can take 2-4 weeks for outbreak symptoms such as itching to show up, if they do at all. By making weekly lice checks a habit at home, you can help stop an infestation before it gets out of control….

New generation of head lice treatment tackles super lice

As fears circulate around the term “super lice,” misconceptions about the effectiveness of over-the-counter treatments are also spreading.  Newer non-toxic, pesticide-free solutions such as Vamousse have developed innovative ways to tackle super lice head-on. Pesticide resistance means a need for a new generation of products. “Vamousse Lice Treatment works differently to kill lice and eggs,…

As super lice spread, parents can still get effective treatment over the counter

Back to school can mean the unpleasant possibility of coming in contact with head lice. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, lice infestation affects more than 12 million U.S. children each year, and is the second most frequent health issue for kids ages 3 to 11. Adding to parents’ concerns is the recent news…