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Drug Store News 2017 Lice Report

Consumers on the lookout for effective, easy-to-use solutions at pharmacies The predominant factor impacting sales of the $158.1 million parasite treatment category is super lice. But how do you treat cases of head lice that can’t be eradicated through the use of traditional pediculicides? And more importantly, for parents it’s how do you eliminate that…

Vamousse sponsors National At-Home Dad Network convention

The unofficial slogan of the National At-Home Dad Network is “Dads don’t babysit. It’s called parenting.” The network is a non-profit organization that supports fathers who stay at home to care for their children.The group’s key mission is to put an end to the outdated “Mr. Mom” stereotype and help dads be seen as capable and competent…

4 Tips to Avoid Head Lice at Summer Camp

Great tips from MomTrends on how to prepare your child for summer camp with less worry that they’ll bring home more than macaroni art and new friend memories. Read about how to engage your child in being defensive against head lice with Vamousse Lice Defense daily shampoo and Vamousse Lice Repellent. Read More

Good Housekeeping mag: Yikes! Super-Strains of Lice Have Spread to 25 States

Here’s what you need to know — and what you can do to treat them. Published by Good Housekeeping Magazine, Feb. 26, 2016 To beat resistance or to avoid chemicals, parents may resort to home remedies that are ineffective at best, risky at worst: In January, a Massachusetts child suffocated in her sleep after her…