DrugStoreNews 2017 Lice Report / 'super lice' / Vamousse

Drug Store News 2017 Lice Report

Consumers on the lookout for effective, easy-to-use solutions at pharmacies

The predominant factor impacting sales of the $158.1 million parasite treatment category is super lice. But how do you treat cases of head lice that can’t be eradicated through the use of traditional pediculicides? And more importantly, for parents it’s how do you eliminate that ‘super lice’ infestation without injuring the host, which just happens to be their children?

Resistance is futile

Manufacturers look to physical solutions to combat super lice

With more than 12 million outbreaks estimated to occur annually among preschool and school-aged children in the United States, lice infestations are a big deal. And pharmacists play a key role in helping parents select safe and successful treatments.

According to a whitepaper published earlier this year by Alliance Pharma Inc., makers of Vamousse, lice resistance to permethrin and synergized pyrethrins has limited the efficacy of OTC products containing these pesticides and engendered their misuse and overuse.

The inconsistent efficacy and safety concerns associated with pesticide-based treatments for pediculosis are driving a need for alternative treatments. Products with a physical mode of action offer a high safety profile and are less susceptible to the development of resistance.”  –Cheryl Krader, author, whitepaper.

Pesticide-free solutions

‘Super lice’ infestation products are populating the shelves

Parents and school nurses alike have expressed plenty of concern about super lice and how to treat these pesticide resistant hair vermin safely, and most importantly, effectively. A number of OTC manufacturers have responded with product launches and offerings that effectively address ridding households of lice infestations.

Alliance Pharma Inc.takes a different tack with its Vamousse Lice Treatment, which has been on the market since 2014, by robbing lice of moisture through its pesticide-free mousse based product. Since it first hit the market, Vamousse has introduced three other products to round out the toolkit for parents, including two infestation-targeted products to treat children and the home, and a pediculicide repellent.

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