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First Time Parent magazine: Keep Super Lice Away! (super lice advice)

Super Lice Advice from Entomologist, Jason Schmidt

First Time Parent magazine recently interviewed entomologist, Jason Schmidt about a new breed of lice called, “Super Lice.” Would you like to know how you can minimize these critters in your toddler’s hair? Read on for a great question and answer session, and super lice advice.

FTP: What are ‘Super Lice’?

JS: Super lice are strains that have developed a genetic resistance to permethrin and pyrethrin, the active ingredients in most over-the-counter treatments. They can survive through repeated use of these traditional products, which can be very frustrating for parents.

FTP: A lot of harsh chemicals have been used in the past to treat lice. What natural alternatives are available for getting rid of lice?

JS: Today there are many options when treating an infestation and a prescription needn’t be your first choice. Consider a product that is pesticide-free and has no resistance issues, such as Vamousse Lice Treatment.

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