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Packing for Summer Camp: Tween Guide

Lice! Don’t Freak Out!

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The Balancing Act: How to Get Rid of Head Lice and Defend Your Child with Vamousse

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Drug Store News 2017 Lice Report

Consumers on the lookout for effective, easy-to-use solutions at pharmacies The predominant factor impacting sales of the $158.1 million parasite treatment category is super lice. But how do you treat cases of head lice that can’t be eradicated through the use of traditional pediculicides? And more importantly, for parents it’s how do you eliminate that…

Head Lice Enjoy Summer Camp as Much as Kids Do

As you plan to send your kids to summer camp, being prepared for head lice is as important as packing sunblock, goggles and stationery. Vamousse Lice Treatment products can defend against lice before, during and after kids return home from camp. Across the country, lice, especially “super lice,” which are resistant to traditional treatments, are…

Whitepaper: Effective Pediculosis Management in the Era of Pesticide-Resistant Lice

Up to 12 million children will be infected with head lice this year — and many of their parents will turn to pharmacists like you when purchasing a treatment. Are you prepared to recommend a solution that is safe, quick and effective at getting lice out of hair and families back to their normal routines?…

A Super Summer Without Super Lice

If your kids are headed to summer camp, read this blog post from The Shopping Mama on how to prepare for head lice without worrying about head lice. Great proactive tips for an overnight camp experience that focuses on fun and memories rather than itching. Read More

Treating head lice: NC boarding school chooses Vamousse

Unwelcome visitors The new academic year was well underway at Saint Mary’s School and the campus was bustling with activity. The North Carolina girls’ school is home to more than 270 college-preparatory students, half of whom board there during the school term. The young ladies were reuniting with old friends, setting in to classes and…

First Time Parent magazine: Keep Super Lice Away! (super lice advice)

Super Lice Advice from Entomologist, Jason Schmidt First Time Parent magazine recently interviewed entomologist, Jason Schmidt about a new breed of lice called, “Super Lice.” Would you like to know how you can minimize these critters in your toddler’s hair? Read on for a great question and answer session, and super lice advice. FTP: What…