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Treating head lice: NC boarding school chooses Vamousse

Unwelcome visitors

The new academic year was well underway at Saint Mary’s School and the campus was bustling with activity. The North Carolina girls’ school is home to more than 270 college-preparatory students, half of whom board there during the school term. The young ladies were reuniting with old friends, setting in to classes and kicking off extracurricular activities. Treating head lice was not on anyone’s mind.

But the back-to-school season included an unwelcome surprise for Sharon Holmes, RN and director of the school’s Binder Health Center. A student stopped in to be seen for an excessively itchy scalp – and was diagnosed with head lice. While scalp itching is one of the signs of lice, for many people it can take four to six weeks to show up. Lice may have spread before the affected person is even aware of the problem. “I knew we had to move quickly to understand and limit the level of infestation,” said Sharon.

Traditional treatment options less effective because of pesticide-resistance

Sharon and her staff performed head checks on the boarding students; they identified a total of 52 cases of head lice. The students were immediately treated with over-the-counter products containing the pesticides permethrin and pyrethrins. “This was my first experience with head lice,” she said. “I had heard of super lice and knew there were issues with pesticide resistance. However, in the past, the pesticide treatment has always been the school’s first line of defense. So we tried treating head lice with the pesticide treatment first.”

When the staff checked the affected students several days later, many still had active cases of lice. That’s when Sharon decided to treat everyone with pesticide-free Vamousse Lice Treatment. The mousse kills both lice and eggs in one application, so a second treatment isn’t required. And Vamousse works by dehydration, making it effective against even resistant super lice. Vamousse is available over the counter and without a prescription.

Safe and effective control

Three weeks later, the students treated with Vamousse continued to be clear of lice and had no reported recurrences. To help maintain a lice-free campus, Vamousse Lice Defense was distributed to the boarding students. This daily-use shampoo kills lice and is a proactive step against an infestation. “Vamousse has been a real life saver,” said Sharon. “I’m happy to put this issue to bed.”

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