Vamousse Sponsors National At-Home Dad Network Convention

Vamousse sponsors National At-Home Dad Network convention

The unofficial slogan of the National At-Home Dad Network is “Dads don’t babysit. It’s called parenting.” The network is a non-profit organization that supports fathers who stay at home to care for their children.The group’s key mission is to put an end to the outdated “Mr. Mom” stereotype and help dads be seen as capable and competent parents.

About 1.4 million fathers in the U.S. are the primary caregiver in the family.[ref]Latshaw, B.A., Is fatherhood a full-time job? Mixed methods insights into measuring stay-at-home fatherhood; Fathering, Vol. 9, No. 2, Spring 2011, 125-149. [/ref] HomeDadCon, the National At-Home Dad Network convention, is an event where these dads can spend time with each other and attend educational sessions. Topics include family issues, money management and community involvement.

Vamousse is a proud sponsor of the 2016 convention, held in Raleigh, N.C. This year’s event included a Dad Expo, where dads had the chance to talk with experts about financial planning, fire safety and family health, including head lice treatment.

“We’re very pleased to support the National At-Home Dad Network,” said Jennifer Carey, associate brand manager of Vamousse. “HomeDadCon is a great opportunity to for dads to build new relationships and gain education. We support and appreciate their dedication to family.”

“Dear Dad, Your Child Has Lice” shares stores of experiencing head lice from a dad’s perspective. Read the full story on the National At-Home Dad Network blog here.

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