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Wondering how to apply Vamousse Lice Treatment? Because it’s a mousse, Vamousse is easy to use and precise to apply to impatient and squirming kids! And Vamousse is fast acting. One application is all you need to kill lice and their eggs – including super lice.

This how-to video will walk you through how to apply Vamousse Lice treatment and demonstrate how to use the enclosed steel-tooth nit comb. There are four keys to successful application:

  1. Shake the can well before application
  2. Thoroughly saturate the hair, to the point of dripping, and keep it that way for 15 minutes. You can add more mousse if the hair starts to dry.
  3. Be sure to apply in all the lice hiding places. Key spots that are easy to miss are the nape of the neck and the area above the ears.
  4. Comb thoroughly after the 15 minutes. This will help remove lice and eggs that may have been missed during treatment.

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